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What Is Facebook Augmented Reality Ads and How Does It Work?

Get prepared see to the all-new Facebook augmented reality ads in the News Feed of Facebook. We’re only

Augmented reality (AR) has now already become a buzzword in the present era of science and technology. It’s never easy nowadays to find someone who has never heard of Pokémon GO, a bestselling AR mobile game played by billions of people all over the world.

Why is the inclination toward Augmented Reality in the field of Advertisement?

The present world is advancing digitally now: according to a survey by We Are Social, there are approx. 3.8 billion active internet users all over the world.

There’s a lot of work for marketers and advertisers. This is the reason for the rise of the digital advertising market. Worldwide spending on digital ads is to reach $229 billion this year and over $335 billion by 2020.

Get prepared see to the all-new Facebook augmented reality ads in the News Feed of Facebook. The social media marketing declared Tuesday that it’s starting to test augmented reality advertisements in the News Feed with the help of firms like Michael Kors, Sephora, and Wayfair.

For example, when people play Pokemon Go on their smartphone, the technology that visually superimposes Pokemon on their street corner is considered AR.

Facebook advert thus has also introduced new Facebook augmented reality ads that allow its users to try on virtual renditions of products and services, as the battle for control of consumers’ cameras heats up.

Next, let’s talk about augmented reality Ads.

Augmented reality Ads

It is a technique by apps like Snapchat, and now the biggest platforms like Facebook, Apple, and Google have adopted it. Hence, blending the real and virtual worlds through phones and other devices.

People flicking through the News Feed will see ads for Michael Kors sunglasses, for instance, and can play with an augmented reality version through their cameras. Coming to Facebook, it has already tested the ads with Michale Kors, Pottery Barn, Bobbi Brown, Wayfair, Sephora, and others.

Facebook Ads

These are advertisements by a business on Facebook that serve Facebook users based on their activity. Factors like demographic information, device use information, advertising, and marketing partner-supplied information, and off-Facebook activity.

At the event recently, Facebook’s augmented reality advertising tool introduced new three features to help companies profit through social media marketing from this year’s holiday season. Have a glance:

  • Shopping on Instagram Stories, which first came out in beta soon, will be available globally before the holidays, for all the brands across the globe.
  • Instagram is also introducing collections of ads. I.e. customers who view an ad while scrolling through their news feeds can tap on it. They can browse more products and items – without leaving the existing app
  • Facebook wants to have more videos from brands on its page. So it’s hoping to make it more comfortable with the Video Creation Kit. Hence, it will allow the creation of a video ad with images.
  • The feature is still in process and testing but will be available to advertisers soon by next month in August.

All these announcements were made after Ty Ahmad-Taylor, VP, of business product marketing at Facebook, spoke to the audience regarding the rise of online mobile shopping, primarily through video, and the potential Instagram Stories.

In a freeman language despite the release of the AR ads, the consumer experience still has to be frictionless. We won’t do it if it’s going to be a clunky experience.

We’re only going to do it if it’s completely hassle-free!

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