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SOA vs. Microservices: Know the Architectural Evolution

When comparing Microservices vs. SOA, both rely on services as the main component, but their characteristics vary considerably. However, the key difference between these technologies is the purpose & timing of their respective introductions.

Big Data Trends for 2020 You Need to Know

Big Data trends for 2020 are focused on analyzing the data in real-time & consists of augmented analysis, continuous Intelligence, data Automation, and NLP.

All About the Digital Transformation in the Banking Sector

Banks that have successfully completed their digital transition may see seamless and engaging customer experience, their costs reduced and processes streamlined.

List of Top 7 Cognitive Computing Tools

With a lot of advantages, Cognitive Computing still has some disadvantages like limited analysis of risks as well as meticulous training process which still makes it prone to errors.

List of 5 Open Source Vulnerability Scanner Tools

Computer systems & networks have reached a greater level of complexity than ever before. No one wants their network to become the aim of malicious exploiters seeking to snatch corporate data or cause damage to the organization. Therefore, if you suspect your site is vulnerable, it is necessary to take

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