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Network Inventory Tools: You Should Rely Upon

The Network is the backbone of your business. The efficient the network operations are, the better and easy

The Network is the backbone of your business.

The efficient the network operations are, the better and easy it makes business procedures.

All the companies today have to manage a larger set of networks as well as their assets.

Without keeping a proper track of networks, it becomes difficult for organizations to survive in modern business procedures.

Here is where the network inventory management tools come into the picture.

Network inventory management tools assist users by scanning devices and fetching the information of all the available devices currently on the network.

Let us discuss some of the network inventory management tools.

List of 8 Network Inventory Tools


Spicework assists users by collecting the complete information of the devices.

Through this a user can detect the potential problem that might arise due to that particular device.

Not only it helps in finding the potential problem by providing users with complete configuration of devices, but it also assists users in preplanning the budgets as well as the audit talks for affected devices.

Key Features:

• Knowing Devices

Quickly find complete information about the devices irrespective of the operating system they are connected to.

• Tracking

Quickly detect any of the unimportant software installed on the operating systems. Moreover, it assists users in detecting the inventory as well as cloud services too.

• Management of Tasks

No need to contact the users and asking for device information for task management.

It assists users in tracking tasks in an easy and simplified manner.

It is free to use.

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Total Network Inventory

Network inventory software by Total network inventory assists users in the efficient management of their network data.

It assists users in the collection of the data from multiple networks and stores it in separate folders on user’s hard drives.

With this tool, user can update the respective comments and other relevant information like inventory numbers in the files for future references.

Key Features:

• Reporting

Users can easily fetch reports by just selecting stored computers and clicking the reporting function.

Users can even have a customized report for their information by just choosing objects and areas of interest.

• Audit

Receive all the information about the licenses of the software installed on the network.

• Scheduling

Users can easily schedule the scan whenever any new data is collected. Just select the list of devices that need to be scanned, and the rest will be done by the tool itself.


Prices for Total network inventory have been discussed as under:

For 25 nodes, users will have to pay USD 90.

For unlimited nodes, users will have to pay USD 2490.

Network Inventory Advisor

Network inventory advisor is another network information management tool.

It assists users by collecting relevant information about the devices connected to the networks.

Users can customize such data by adding inventory numbers, tags, location, etc. to track any changes in the network.

Key Features:

• Computer Audits

Receive information about every computer connected to the network. Receive all of the audit reports of these computers in one place.

• Asset Addition

Users can add non-IT assets to inventory.

Users with other network information can quickly receive information about additional devices like printers, keyboards, sound devices, etc.

• License Management

Be ready with the compliance requirement of the vendors and easily update yourself with the right amount of license information.

The price for the number of nodes required under network inventory advisor

For 25 nodes, users have to pay USD 89.

For unlimited nodes, users need to contact the sales team.


With lansweeper, users have the capability of receiving insights about their entire IT estate.

Key Features:

• Cross-Platform Asset Identify

Lansweeper itself will find and gather information on all the assets involved in the network.

• Centralized Inventory

Lansweeper collects all of the details of the assets available and brings the information in centralized web-based records.

This assists users in having complete visibility in the entire IT environment.

• Integration

Lansweeper can be easily integrated with any of the user’s current platforms.


Lansweeper is free for users of up to 100 assets.

For Enterprise plan users need to pay 1€ per asset per year.


Open-audit provides users information about everything available on user’s networks.

It is a database that can be easily queried via a web interface.

Key Features:

• Availability

The availability of Open-AudIT can be enhanced with industry toolsets Apache proxy and MySQL replication.

• Detects changes

If any modification is found in the network open-audit immediately stores and reports such changes.

• Warranties

The tool will automatically inform you about the devices nearing their expiry warranties.


Need to contact the sales team for pricing.

10 Strike Software

It is a monitor program that monitors the working of all computers and fetches information about them, and presents reports about their information.

Key Features:

• Hardware tracking

Assists users in tracking all the hardware computers available on the network and provides users with reports.

• Hardware Health Monitoring

It uses the S.M.A.R.T. (Self – monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology) to evaluate the health of the remote computers and hard drives.

• Reports

Provide users with the collected inventory reports.

Users can choose out from 100 ready to use report for creating any report.

It is free to use.


Network Inventory by EMCO collects all the information related to hardware of remote PC and stores the data into the audit database.

Users can easily fetch out the required inventory information and prepare the reports accordingly.

Key Features:

• Inventory Information summary

Receive an inventory information summary for every system connected to the network.

• Application Inventory Summary

Receive information about every application installed on the remote PCs during inventory scan.

• Customized Reports

Create customized reports for a better understanding of the details submitted within it.


For the professional edition, users have to pay USD 149, and for enterprise addition, users have to pay USD 229.

Zoho IT-asset tracker

Users through this tool can easily track each and every IT asset in an organization.

From hardware to software, users can receive information about every device available on the network.

Key Features

• Customize

Users can customize the reports based on departments or time.
Also, a user can make changes with a simple drag and drop interface.

• Mobile Mode

Manage all your assets as well as reports on the go with the application supported on mobile platforms.

• Integration

Integrate Zoho IT-asset tracker with other Zoho platforms and even with Excel as well as G Suite.


For basic plans, users will have to pay USD 5.50.

For the premium plan, users will have to pay USD 13.75.

For ultimate plan, users will have to pay USD 22.01.

By receiving a detailed report about the networks a business can survive in the modern business framework. The above-mentioned tool will assist users in keeping track of their network inventory and provide the best insight about them.

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