The Important Unanswered Questions in Machine Learning (ML)

The year 2018 was expected to be the one where companies made revolutionary strides in the area of

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables systems to automatically learn and upgrade from experience utterly independent of any specific program.

It generally aims at the development of computer programs that can access data and use it in the future to learn for themselves.

The year 2018 was expected to be the one where companies made revolutionary strides in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML. But did this happen till now?

The answer is still ‘No‘ as machine learning (ML) is much easier talked about than executed for many of us.

Some questions still need to be resolved before most businesses can get to a stage where they’ve incorporated AI into their business in real.

So, Companies that aspire to get ahead will have to work on handling these queries first, to have better execution of machine learning.

Machine Learning Questions and Answers

I have mentioned the hot topics in ML which are yet to be studied and need answers. By giving an insight to the trends, let’s have a glance at these Machine Learning questions.

Question- Difference between Data Project and Data Science Project?

Answer– The first thing that strikes us is – Are these two terms interchangeable? These are two terms are very common in development, and they’re not exactly an interchangeable idea.

Data Projects merely focus on making better insights and predictions to make better decisions.

Whereas Data Science projects ensure that there’s no need for a natural collaboration between data analysts and data scientists and the only way to stay focused is with new predictive models that can handle all of the personal info in a data project.

Data Science projects are advancements in Data Projects with data from non-traditional sources.

Question – Which types of data scientists assist in the development of AI systems?

Answer – Data scientists have many different strengths, and it’s often difficult for individuals in enterprises to start addressing the various problems associated with the projects that they are working on.

80% of the data scientists working worldwide are currently working with big companies like Google, Facebook projects.

Question – Why are some of these data scientists leaving their jobs?

Answer- Data scientists are immensely in demand, and as a result of this demand, it is difficult to keep them in one place for a long.

If a company is not willing to develop and then use new computer learning initiatives, there is a good chance the data scientists will move onto a new job prospect in the future.

Question – Is there a need for collaboration throughout data science work?

Answer – A collaborative model in the workplace can help to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the future.
Collaboration in the workplace at least with data can work much better. Especially, when the bulk of analysis splits between several data scientists.

Key Takeaway –

In conclusion, some of these top questions are exploring new AI and Machine Learning initiatives with in Business.

These are some unanswered questions that we have today that are essential in the development of AI as a whole.

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