List of 10 Help Desk Management Best Practices: You Should Be Aware Of

The majority of the times a business faces downtime in its network platforms. The help desk is the

The majority of the times a business faces downtime in its network platforms.

The help desk is the one-stop where every team looks up to in such times.

A help desk is a one-stop centralized troubleshoot point of contact providing information as well as support for every type of internal as well as an external query.

It can be further explained as the first point of contact for customers whenever they are facing trouble in technical services.

Let us answer some questions related to helping desk management.

What Is the Importance of Help Desk Management?

Being the first point of contact for addressing any customer grievances, help desk management holds high importance in daily business operations.

Not only to the end customer but it is also important for the teams working within an organization.

Whenever there is a need for troubleshooting any error like printer failure, new accesses, or addressing any issues on the system, the help desk is where an employee will immediately turn up to.

Below mentioned are some of the importance of help desk management:

• Better Customer Service

The help desk improves the customer base by being ready to address any of their technical issues.
If the help desk is quick and abrupt in handling queries of customers, it is more often going to create a strong customer base for the business.

This in turn means improved goodwill of the business.

• Productivity

An efficient help desk will assist in enhancing productivity as it will record the customer grievances and provide the agent with a 360 view of the issue customer had or is facing.

An efficient help desk will assist agents with the history of issues that a customer has faced, thus improving customers better.

• Cost Saving

Help desk management may require human resources and tools to function.

This may fetch some cost for the company.

But an efficient help desk sets off such costs by bringing value to the business by keeping customers satisfied and earning them back.

This will in turn bring more business which means more profit and better goodwill.

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List of 10 Help Desk Management Best Practices: You Should Be Aware Of

Using Right Tool

The right tool will assist you in automating various repetitive tasks.

This will give ample time to agents to look over other important tasks, thereby making the grievance attending process better.

Moreover, an efficient tool will present the same data format to every team thus reducing any duplication or modification error.

Accurate Hiring

It is always better to hire the best people for the help desk job.

Experienced ones would be able to handle efficiently the queries of customers.

Lower hiring can often create an issue in the ongoing process as such employees leave the organization early.

The right person for the right job formula should be adopted.

People with rich experience can assist organizations in retaining their customers and often provide suggestions to them from the front just by looking at their previous history.

Ticket System

Customers being the base of every business need to be updated at every communication.

Organizations should provide tickets for every conversation they do with customers.

This will assist organizations in keeping track of every open case and will also update the information related to the customers.

This will help in attending customers better.

Categorizing Tickets

Categorizing tickets will lead to efficient help desk management.

Categorized tickets can be easily prioritized and will be handed over to the respective teams.

With the categorized tickets an organization can easily evaluate the time spend on clearing that particular ticket.

This will also assist in improving data quality.

Automating Tickets

If all the manual, low-value tasks can be automated, it will ease up the help desk agent workload and they will be able to assist in other priority tasks.

Automating and Monitoring Workflows

Organizations can automate their workflows by easily setting up alerts for different tasks.

Such alerts can be set up for idle tickets, high-priority tasks, or overdue tickets.

Automating workflows will reduce the scope of human errors and thus will ensure that customers are quickly attended to.

Tracking and Monitoring Tickets

Assigning tags to tickets like open, In-Process, completed, etc. will assist in tracking the status of every ticket.

This way agents can easily track the current status of every ticket and also prevent requests from getting unattended or delayed.

Implementing SLA (Service level agreement)

Service level agreement assists help desk teams to solve a certain percentage of tickets, call responding within a set of the time limit.

This improves the working of help desk teams.


Training is an important part of growth.

With new tools arriving in the market to handle a particular situation, it is advisable to upgrade your team members with the knowledge of such tools.

One should encourage help desk teams for training in order to retain their customer better.

Encourage Team Work

Team collaborations will promote quick resolution of issues.

With a centralized and robust help desk management system, any team can easily check the status of tickets generated.

This in turn will assist in quick resolving of issues, which in turn will keep customers satisfied and will thus result in a strong business base.

Maximum tasks are generated every day in day-to-day business. Attending an executive to every such task in minimum and best possible ways can be hectic for organizations.
Above mentioned practices can assist any organization to develop an efficient help desk management team to execute such tasks efficiently.

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