Best VDI Solution Providers for Businesses to Invest In

6 Best VDI Solution Providers for Businesses to Invest In

VDI solution providers are companies that offer software to manage the organization’s virtual desktops. Moreover, the pandemic has

VDI solution providers are companies that offer software to manage the organization’s virtual desktops. Moreover, the pandemic has demanded businesses to run their functions from home.

As a result, it is important for businesses to choose the right VDI solution provider for smooth functioning. 

A VDI is also called desktop virtualization or thin-client computing. Therefore, companies providing VDI solutions cater to the needs of the IT and Telecom industries. 

Hence, in this article, we understand the best VDI solution providers for businesses. However, before we get into the best VDI solutions, we must first understand their benefits.

6 Best VDI Solution Providers for Businesses to Invest In

Leveraging the best VDI solutions for Businesses According to Gartner

Gartner defines VDI as, “Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a full, thick-client user environment run as a VM on a server and accessed remotely.”

Gartner states that leveraging the best VDI solution providers would require:

  • Virtualized Server Software to host the desktop solution.
  • Delegating and orchestrating software management to help connect users to virtual desktops.
  • Collaborating with the right solutions can manage, monitor, and maintain the virtual desktop software stacks.

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Businesses

  • Businesses require a robust infrastructure to resolve issues centrally. Hence one of the biggest benefits of VDI is the streamlined and centralized monitoring.
  • Most importantly, VDI provides flexibility to organizations. It helps businesses install, troubleshoot, and upgrade procedures.
    Moreover, admins can help create virtual desktops for the users. Hence, with VDI, such actions can be done easily and not affect efficiency.
  • In addition, users can access virtual desktops easily which enhances their work. Devices like mobiles, tablets, and Thin Clients are remotely connected using basic I-O (input-output) data. 
  • As a result, VDI also encourages the practice of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). For instance, users have the freedom to use their own devices and the virtual desktops are hosted on the server at a remote location.
  • Above all, businesses have realized that choosing the right VDI solution providers can offer great workforce mobility. Mostly, they realized that their employees are more comfortable with devices like tablets and smartphones.
    Although not all businesses provide these devices. For example, some companies provide laptops to their employees enhancing their experience with the business activities and objectives.
  • Thus, choosing solutions also offers cost-efficiency. Therefore, VDI reduces cost by increasing the lifespan of the hardware and using centralization to connect unlimited devices.
  • Although, with so many devices working remotely from various locations, there are chances of security. Hence, the best solutions offer centralized security features, Data security, and quick backup capabilities.

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Here are the best VDI Solution Providers the Businesses should Definitely Invest In


Citrix is one of the popular VDI solution providers. It was formerly known as XenDesktop.

As a result, the VDI solution provider offers cloud, on-premise, and hybrid services for businesses. Hence it offers security, high definition experience across operating systems and various networks.


Nutanix is one of the industry-leading VDI solution providers. It provides users with secure access to applications, desktops, and authorized data.

Moreover, Nutanix’s solution HCI guarantees to reduce costs up to 60%. Most importantly, it makes the infrastructure invisible to help IT work more on the applications and solutions that empower the business.


Amazon WorkSpaces is one of the most secure VDI solution providers. Moreover, is a cloud-based virtual desktop that runs on AWS.

It certainly helps secure pivotal data and provides access to documents, applications, and other resources. Above all, it is supported by Windows and Mac OS. Therefore devices like Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets, etc.


VMWare is one of the best VDI solution providers. It caters to businesses’ cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions.

VMWare’s Horizon Cloud works with virtual desktops and applications. It transforms traditional VDI into a simple, flexible, agile, and scalable platform at a lower cost.


Oracle is one of the more complete VDI solution providers. As a result, it offers management and provision for access to virtual desktop infrastructures.

Hence, Oracle’s VDI solution provides simple administration by increasing the utilization of existing resources. Moreover, it helps improve security compared to the traditional solution while operating at a minimum cost.


Microsoft is another trusted VDI solution provider. For instance, Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based solution for businesses that opt for desktop virtualization.

Moreover, it provides services for Windows, Android, Mac, and HTML5. Furthermore allowing users to access desktops remotely from any modern browser.


The best VDI solution providers work with multiple businesses regardless of their industries. Hence the above-mentioned providers incorporate solutions that are specific to the business requirements.

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