Data Visualization Use Cases

11 Best Use Cases of Data Visualization

Accurate data is the strength of any business decision. Data acts as the strength for any business, and

Accurate data is the strength of any business decision.

Data acts as the strength for any business, and thus it becomes essential at the same time to have a clear understanding of data.

Going through several columns and rows for understanding the data is quite a time consuming and often tricky task for the human brain.

That’s where the need for visualization steps in. Data visualization refers to the presentation of data in a graphic format.

A visual summary of any form of data makes it easy for the human brain to understand it. To gain insights into data, visualizing it is the best option to make the best out of it.

Discussing Below Some of the Real-Life Use Cases of Data Visualization

DigitalOcean Simplified its Reporting Graphs with Grafana

DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure company providing services for developers who are into the profession of deploying applications on multiple platforms.

Teams at DigitalOcean were using complex methods to understand data.

The majority of them were using different metrics visualization tools and in-house graphic methods.

Grafana helped DigitalOcean in the following ways:

  • First of all, multiple teams started using the same visualization tool that kept everyone on the same page of the process.
  • The support team was now able to present the customers with graph snapshots, which helped them in building better customer experience.
  • Integration with Prometheus made it easier for the platform team to extract data from any source.
  • Minimization of cost by off-loading metric storage.

Wufoo (Infinity-Box) Improved its Report Building Speed with FusionCharts

Infinity Box Inc is the provider for Wufoo.

Wufoo is a web application allowing users to create online forms, through which users can successfully collect data.

Infinity-Box before opting for FusionCharts was using Wufoo report builder, which usually was slow and not adaptive.

Because of the reports, their users were able to look into the matrices the data of which they wanted to visualize.

Being slow, they were not able to process data quickly, which became their primary concern.

FusionCharts proved helpful to Infinity Box in the following ways:

  • Generation of attractive graphs without going against the existing systems.
  • Easy integration of FusionCharts provided an added advantage as now the development teams could work with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and Flash.

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Lifetime Brands was Able to Have a Complete View of its Divisions with the help of Qlik

Lifetime Brands is a leader in the marketing of home décor and kitchen wares.

Their challenge was to maintain visibility in the supply chain and in the combined reporting system that they used to collect from different enterprise software solutions.

Lifetime Brands opted for Qlik View. With it now, they were looking at various performances like sales, trends, inventory reports, etc.

Qlik View helped Lifetime Brands in the following ways:

  • Eliminated wait time for reports.
  • Consolidated different reports into one.
  • Visibility into supply chain management and real-time sales analysis.

PenPath with help of Improvado and Tableau helped an e-Commerce Company to Improve their Sales

PenPath is a marketing intelligence company with a special focus on visualizing data for brands and agencies.

PenPath was approached by an e-commerce Company from St.Louis which wanted to have a better understanding of their data.

The e-commerce company simply was looking answers for the following questions in their data:

  • The current position of their customers.
  • Platforms used by customers to make purchases.
  • Reports of purchase rates on all their channels.

For this, PenPath turned to Improvado.

Improvado helps in automating data and providing insights into the data through its dashboards.

PenPath, with the help of Improvado and Tableau’s visualization, was able to present the customers with a view of all of the KPIs that they wanted to measure.

Because of this, the e-commerce company came to know that majority of its customers were using Bing as the search engine.

Because of the dashboards created with the help of Improvado and Tableau, the company could now easily target the accurate audience.

IDS Solved its Reporting Problem Related to Returned Data with AnyChart

Independent data services provide web-based reporting to the oil and gas industries.

They use the DataNet2 system to capture and deliver data from the web and make it available for many users.

IDS was facing challenges related to the following:

  • Visualizing the returned data by VisNet, which was a back end query engine extracting knowledge from the DataNet2 system.
  • Creating and configuring interactive charts of the returned data.
  • High standard visualizations and the same visualization should be customizable.

AnyChart came to the rescue of IDS

AnyChart helped IDS in the following ways:

  • It provided advanced and good looking animated charts to IDS.
  • The presence of a clear interface on top of AnyChart framework helped users to have a look at their data on the screen which was clear and concise.
  • An increase in the AnyChart library will have a majority of options present in front of them in terms of graphs, charts, etc.
  • AnyChart’s visualization technology proved to be a boon for VisNet.

Quali Systems was Able to Know More About the Preferences of their Customers Because of Sisense.

Quali systems provide assistance in automating applications to help your business deploy demo on-demand on any cloud platform.

Its platform provides self-service access to “sandboxes,” which contains all the application stuff for end users who want to test the capacity of their applications.

Quali was having issues in providing its customers, the transparency related to the working of how their software was used.

Before opting for Sisense, Quali was facing other issues like:

  1. Firstly they had to collect every data and provide it to its users in meaningful ways.
  2. Second, they had to track who was using sandbox and for what purposes.
  3. Third, they had to present the data in a meaningful form to the non-technical teams.

Sisense helped Quali by collecting data from multiple sources and compiled it into a single dashboard.

Now, whenever users were deploying their cloud environments, all the data related to the users was collected and forwarded into Sisense.

This, thus enabled customers to have access to reports through which they could quickly get to know the details like usage type, resource category, etc.

National Geography Saved a Lot of Time in Understanding its Data with Domo

The data that National Geography’s marketing team used to provide had limited visibility within it, as it was collected from different sources.

Domo helped National Geography in eradicating that issue with the below methods:

  • Improving Transparency: Visually communicating complex data in easily understandable graphics.
  • Increasing Productivity: With Domo, monthly reports for traffic and its engagement can be well prepared within a few minutes, thus boosting productivity.
  • Mobile version of Domo: Different teams can communicate on the real-time data present on the Domo app.

Payback was Able to Derive Insights into the Data Present with them because of ThoughtSpot

Payback is a loyalty and marketing platform based in Germany.

It was difficult for them to make a clear understanding of the massive amount of data that was present with them.

Getting insights into the data would take them a lot of time to reach the conclusions.

This was quite time-consuming.

ThoughtSpot helped it in the following ways:

  • Helped the teams create their pin boxes, thus keeping the data related to their particular search ready, thus saving time.
  • Helped in analyzing the complaints from the customers in a faster way, which used to be time-consuming earlier.
  • Pinboards could be created and easily shared.
  • Query transparency helped them in understanding their customers better, thus increasing productivity.

19E Solved its Dashboard Reporting Requirements with Klipfolio.

19E focuses on extracting information from analogue engineering documentation.

They were facing issues related to dashboards.

Before opting for the Klipfolio, 19E used the Google spreadsheet. But more often, there were errors in it and was a tedious task.

19E was looking for dashboard solutions, focused on reporting issues.

With the help of Klipfolio, they, at present, are monitoring three key areas, mainly IT infrastructure, production progress, and billings.

Klipfolio helped them track the following task in their business:

  • Documents processed.
  • Average documents processed by a person per hour.
  • Hourly charges of IT infrastructure.

Informatica was Able to Present Reports on Archived Data for its Customers, Thanks to JReport.

Informatica is a global leader in data management. The company specializes in suggesting data integration, governance to its customers.

Informatica was facing challenges related to:

  • Delivering reports to customers on archived data.
  • All level reporting deliverance of an enterprise.

JReport helped Informatica by providing:

  • Customers with self-service reporting within the archived data.
  • Creating pre-built report packages that can be used for driving additional revenues by selling them separately.
  • Because of JReport adoption Increased report generation adoption rose by 80%.

Associated Press Improved their Election Reporting With the Help of Microsoft Power BI.

The Associated Press has always been a step ahead in covering the elections.

The media house is known for its minute-to-minute reporting on election results.

AP even today, after so many years of being into the media business wants to innovate the reporting on election results.

With the introduction of Microsoft Power BI, AP was able to find specific differences:

  • By using Power BI AP could provide its members with the election results in easy to interpret charts and graphs.
  • AP was able to provide a more detailed view of statewide results.
  • They were even able to implement a real-time data refresh solution for better visualization of results.


Understanding complex data within a fraction of seconds is not possible for a human brain. However, the implementation of data visualization in today’s time has made it possible.

Data visualization brings out the relation of data with other factors into the pictorial formats to make it easier for users to understand and derive the best out of it.

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