Cloud migration challenges

Cloud migration challenges: Every user needs to know

Modern business requires modern solutions in order to deliver the best to their customers. Earlier having a legacy

Modern business requires modern solutions in order to deliver the best to their customers.

Earlier having a legacy system for the management of daily business might have made daily operations easier.

With the rise of new ways of business, the need for efficient and easy management of daily operations is being used more than ever.

Cloud platforms are now taking the lead in easing daily operations.

Cloud migration is the process of migrating your digital assets from on-premise data centers or legacy systems to the cloud.

Let us discuss some of the questions related to cloud migration.

Why Move to Cloud?

Migrating to the cloud can be based on multiple issues.

It can either be the requirement of modern business or any on-premise limitations of handling daily operations.

Some of the key benefits of migrating to the cloud have been discussed as under:

• Reduction in Business Costs

Business heads while migrating to the cloud are able to solve a lot of costs by only paying for what they use.

• Improved Business Efficiency

Businesses can efficiently survive in a modern environment based on their agility. Within Cloud platforms, whatever a team demands can be presented quickly.

• Security

While migrating to the cloud, IT infrastructure can be updated according to the latest acceptable practices.

This is because the cloud platform implements security policies, governance, and compliance standards that are necessary for its functioning.

• Improves Growth

Easy integrations can be done on the existing platforms in order to add more quality to the ongoing business process thereby making business efficient.

• Productivity Increase

Migrating digital assets to the cloud creates incremental values on these.

Organizations, that migrate can increase the productivity of their workforce and innovate.

This in turn assists in the increase of their productivity.

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List of Top 7 Cloud Migration Challenges

Apart from the benefits of migrating to cloud platforms, it also holds some of the challenges.

Some of these key challenges have been discussed as under:


Migrating to a cloud platform may bring a lot of benefits in nearby future but it can fetch hefty prices for it.

Some of the major costs that organizations have to cover are rewriting application architecture, bandwidth cost, new tool investment etc.

Absence of Strategy

More than anything absence of a strategy can cause serious issues in cloud migration.

End-to-end planning is quite an essential part of any migration.

Owners must properly go through their current strategy as well as infrastructure and decide what type of strategy will work best for them.

Cloud Vendors Lock-in

While migrating to cloud vendors is of great assistance.

But if any issue arises during migration process and you might want to change the vendor, such whole process is going to burden you with more costs.


Maximum data is generated in daily business operations.

Shifting such data from on-premise or from legacy systems to cloud platforms is going to take time depending on the type of data and size of it.

Users often overlook this challenge and are not prepared for it.

This thus affects the end customers as they are left helpless while the data is being replicated or migrated to cloud platforms.

Staff Resistance

It is often the staff that has to be put into the process.

Often there is a reluctance from staff whenever new practices are implemented.

Cloud migration brings in a lot of change from managing assets to the classification of data, many often find such change challenging.

If the people are left unmanaged, there will always be a struggle in new implementations.


One of the challenges that many CIOs do face in opting for a migration plan of their digital assets is that of security and privacy of their data.

This still remains an issue for many organizations wherein the helm of organizations is reluctant in handing over their data to a third party.

Skill Shortage

A major setback for any of the organizations planning to migrate is the shortage of required skills that will advise users on the selection of cloud models for business.

It is very important that you are selecting the right model for your business.

In case of any unavailability of such skills, users should look for another service provider in such situations.


Moving to a cloud platform can improvise business in many ways. However, it can be challenging too. But it can be simplified when the above-mentioned issues can be properly evaluated and analyzed.

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