Boost Your Sales With Top Sales Intelligence Tools

Best Sales Intelligence Tools in 2024 to Advance Your Sales Tactics  

Efficient sales drive business growth, establish brand loyalty, and improve the organizational culture in a commercial setup. In

Efficient sales drive business growth, establish brand loyalty, and improve the organizational culture in a commercial setup. In a way, enough sales reflect a firm’s performance in the industry. Reports state that many companies fail in the long run due to lower ROI, poor cash flow, and, most importantly, limited sales.  

Businesses often implement strategies to boost their sales. Sales intelligence has become a popular tactic to streamline sales, whether it is a product- or service-based company. This blog will shed light on the understanding of sales intelligence and elaborate on the best sales intelligence tools available in 2024.   

What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence is the process of attaining valuable and real-time information about the market and target audience that ultimately helps companies enhance their sales. This tactic utilizes various sources to gather sales data and assists in integrating it into the business model with AI-enabled methods.   

SI not only collects data but also shortlists and manages it for advanced data integration. There are various sales intelligence tools and software available in the market.  

What are sales intelligence tools?

Sales intelligence tools and software help marketers identify and prospect their target audience better, alongside elevating sales. With the support of such software, salespeople can make informed decisions in the sales funnel. Below are some of the best sales intelligence tools to assist companies in skyrocketing their sales and achieving business objectives.   

Best Sales Intelligence Tools: 

Best Sales Intelligence Tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Small and medium-sized companies consider this tool very useful to meet the sales requirements of an enterprise. Alongside offering valuable insights into the target audience, the tool also strengthens the relations of the salespeople with their leads.  

Moreover, LinkedIn has a professional network of more than 850 million individuals and over 60 million enterprises. LinkedIn Sales Navigator thus, can be very useful for sales teams of businesses.  

There are Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus subscription plans for this tool, which comes with a free trial.   

Cognism: It has been a trusted sales intelligence software for thousands of users worldwide for years. The tool integrates intent data to locate the hot leads for a company. Additionally, the information it provides complies with standard security regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. It contributes to enhanced trust and credibility of the software.   

Cognism also integrates several other CRM platforms, such as HubSpot and Salesforce, to strengthen CRM while contacting prospects with real-time data. The tool has Platinum and Diamond subscription plans with service-based separate pricing structures.  

Lusha: It is one of the superior contact information gathering and sales intelligence tools available in the market. B2B salespeople chiefly use this software because of its in-depth client data and contact details.   

People can receive lead data in bulk with this tool. Alongside contact details, Lusha also helps establish robust CRM practices. It has free and paid versions with a monthly payment of $29.  

ZoomInfo SalesOS: This tool believes that the market and the market needs are dynamic. Therefore, it offers its users the most recent and accurate in-depth sales-related data. It is an AI-enabled software that ensures the gathering of correct and relevant data for the salespeople.   

Alongside sales assistance, ZoomInfo SalesOS also allows its users to efficiently carry out their prospecting, ABM, conversions, operations, and recruiting activities. It has different service plans, such as Standard, Preferred, and Premium. Users can choose as per their requirements. It is one of salespeople’s most preferred sales intelligence tools because of its user-friendly interface. The software is highly utilized for prospecting and contact generation. Sales automation, lead management, and scheduling tools are among the significant features of   

Applying filters, sequencing data, and third-party integration are some of the additional features of this sales intelligence application. Alongside a free plan, the basic subscription plan of starts from $49 per month.   

Summing Up!

Leveraging sales intelligence tools can support companies in many ways, including targeting an accurate audience with thorough data and accelerating sales. The tools mentioned above can assist salespeople in attaining their sales goals. Read our blogs to receive daily doses of the recent trends and tools in the market.   

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