What’s Coming on the Way in WordPress 6.5? Know it Here! 

WordPress, the popular CMS loved by millions, is here with a fantastic bang! Nevertheless, it is the most

WordPress, the popular CMS loved by millions, is here with a fantastic bang! Nevertheless, it is the most convenient platform for building websites. WordPress has always been a titan and has raised the bar of excellence in keeping its users updated with the newest versions. The biggest reveal of the year, WordPress 6.5, will be released officially on 26 March 2024. This incredible version offers enhanced features, functionalities, customization, and collaborative capabilities to enjoy a great development experience.

Already thrilled to know more? Go on reading the blog ahead and know what’s new in WordPress 6.5. All thanks to the continuous innovations and improvements happening!

Let’s dig in.

What’s So Interesting About WordPress 6.5?

There are feature-packed features and functionalities, all set to be game-changers for your WordPress site. Fonts, blocks, performance updates, themes, etc., can significantly benefit you.

Introducing a Stunning Font Library

Typography is important in enhancing a website’s visual appeal and aesthetic. First and foremost, WordPress has created an exciting feature that allows you to manage and change fonts within the block theme ecosystem.

With the font library, you can easily upload local fonts or browse through Google fonts and select the one you want. You can even customize the font of your choice. The idea has been around for quite a long time; moreover, it will now be in action with WordPress 6.5.

Enjoy Performance – Faster than Ever 

Well, the faster your WordPress site loads, the better your business is. WordPress 6.5 stands out in this respect and delivers best-in-class performance. With WordPress 6.5, a significant improvement has been seen in the performance metrics.

That’s super great! We all love to scroll down faster websites over slower ones. Here, the editor loads in a flash. Regarding typing, you type words, and they’ll start appearing 5x faster.

Unlock WordPress Power with Interactivity API

Have you ever thought of building a super engaging, responsive, and interactive WordPress site? No more worries. WordPress 6.5 introduces significant API changes, improving developers’ experience. The major updates include the Block Bindings API, Data Views Packages, Custom Fields, and the Interactivity API. Developers can unleash WordPress’ full potential with this easy integration of complex functionalities. Know more about block bindings here.

Some common directives are as follows:

  • Wp-interactive: Activates interactivity for the elements and its children.
  • Wp-context: Offers a local state of the component and its children.
  • Wp-bind: Assigns HTML attributes based on state or context value.


Another exciting feature is that WordPress 6.5 comes with AVIF support. AVIF is a modern image format that can be up to 50% smaller than JPEGs without compromising quality. If your hosting environment supports AVIF, you can edit, save, upload, and resize the images. The way you work with AVIF images is like the way you work with other existing image formats.

Explore New Designs With Classic Themes

Alluring designs attract visitors a lot. WordPress 6.5 makes this job easy in its new and enhanced version. WordPress developers or novices can add new design options to classic themes without depending on theme.Json. Thus, website creators can access multiple design options via Class themes, including typography, color options, and border controls.

Advanced Revision System 

Revisions mean you can undo the changes by restoring an earlier version of your site anytime. WordPress 6.5 majorly focuses on improving the revision system. The main parts of Templates and Templates will show revisions in WordPress 6.5.

Rollback for Plugin and Theme 

Based on previous efforts during the WordPress 6.3 release, the striving to meet the desired goal continued. The new WordPress 6.5 version offers rollbacks for automatic updates to plugins and themes. This means that checks will be added to ensure the updated plugin does not lead to a fatal PHP error when it is activated during the auto-update.

Block Settings – Now with List View Access 

This update’s sole aim is to improve the user experience. Considering this, WordPress brings a noteworthy enhancement to the block editor. With a single right click, you can access the block settings in the List View.

Prioritizing Security

Using the older WordPress versions may pose security vulnerabilities, leading to data breaches, malware infections, and other types of security issues. Fortunately, WordPress 6.5 focuses on boosting WordPress site security. The double vulnerability enables in-depth testing and potential security fixes. Moreover, timely update WordPress themes, plugins and security patches to keep your WordPress site safe and secure from threats.

All Done!

Want to Test the Beta Version of 6.5?

We’re already excited about the release. Moreover, make sure to test the WordPress environment on the demo site rather than disturbing the live.

  • Firstly, create a WordPress staging site.
  • Then, install a plugin called WordPress Beta Tester.
  • Configure it using Beta/RC Only stream and Bleeding Edge channel.
  • Update your test site to the WordPress 6.5 beta version and explore it fully.
  • During testing, try out the new features and see if they work correctly.

Are You Ready for the Giant Leap? 

Of course! WordPress releases new and enhanced versions for its users every time. WordPress 6.5 is assured to offer a top-class experience for seasoned developers and new users alike. Gear up for this significant highlight in the web development field. It’s undoubtedly going to be great for WordPress and fellow fanatics. I hope you liked the post. Kudos!

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