Top 5 Features of Angular 6 Beta

Top 5 Features of Angular 6 Beta

The Angular 6 beta provides Tour of Heroes tutorial which covers the major fundamentals of Angular, which has

What is Angular 6?

In simple terms,Angular 6, is Google’s popular JavaScript (Type script) based open source front-end Framework for building mobile and desktop applications.

Angular 6 release date

Recently the Angular Team has released their brand new version Angular 6 Beta on 28th March 2018 with lots of new features, not only will Angular 6 be smaller, faster and easier to use but will also make developers life much more easier.

The Top 5 blazing Features of Angular 6 beta are:

  • Scope Hosting: – Web pack module bundler for JavaScript, for generating smaller modules.
  • Tree component in Angular with CDK (Component Development Kit) to help visual structures such as list of files.
  • 7+ support to make coding much more easily with default declaration, class initialization etc.
  • ngModelChange is now emitted after the value/validity is updated on its control.
  • Form control status changes and Form Pattern Validators Improvement.

One of the top features of Angular 6 beta is Angular forms, forms are the mainstay of any business application. Developers should create forms that give a data entry experience and guide the user efficiently and effectively through the work flow. But creating form not only requires design skills but also a framework that provides two way data binding, changing tracks, data validation and also error handling all of which are provided in Angular 6 beta version. One can build Angular form which is component and template driven using ngModel  to create two-way data bindings also track and validate form controls not only Angular form can do all this but also provide visual feedback using special CSS classes.

Angular JS Tutorial

The Angular 6 beta provides Tour of Heroes tutorial which covers the major fundamentals of Angular, which has almost all the features of a data driven application. One can get yourselves well versed with angular js tutorial, this tutorial is specially designed to help you learn to acquire and display list, edit selected details and navigate among different views of data.

List of things you can learn through Angular JS Tutorial (Tour of heroes):-

  • Use built –in directives to show, hide and display list of data.
  • Create Angular components to display details and show an array.
  • Use one-way data binding for read-only data.
  • Add editable fields to update a model with two-way data binding.
  • Bind component methods to user events, like keystrokes and clicks.
  • Format data with pipes.
  • Use routing to navigate among different views and their components.

You’ll learn enough Angular to get started and gain confidence that Angular can do whatever you need it to do.

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