Six Ways in which AI can be useful for IT operations

Six Ways in which Artificial Intelligence can be useful for IT operations

Artificial Intelligence commonly referred as “Machine Learning” is the automatic working of machines without human intervention...

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence commonly referred to as “Machine Learning” is the automatic working of machines without human intervention and similar to an intelligent human brain.

In a better way, we can explain it as the intellectual illustration of devices and computers making the workload much easier and advanced.

What is its effect on IT operations?

Now, when we talk about IT operations, the first thing that hits our mind is the “never-ending drive of Information Technology”.

IT operations have significantly evolved past few years and have turned dynamic and immensely complex.

You need to have a much more developed technology to deal with its complexities, and here AI comes in the picture.

So, let’s find out “How AI is stimulating IT Operations Today?”

Here are the six ways that explain AI functionality in the IT world.

  1. Cognitive Insights – an advanced version of artificial intelligence brings IT Operations to a much higher level. It is very convenient to monitor the process when all your log is in a single place. This being the toughest challenge for IT which is solved by machine learning as it detects the smallest error in real-time and recovers it easily keeping your process execution unhampered.
  2. Artificial Intelligence log analytics helps to record and access large data for particular applications. It allows you to quickly get the required data thus making your workload fast, providing your business with a better “data log management system”.
  3. It also helps you to manage your resources well and checks unnecessary usage of capital, minimizing your infrastructure cost too. Proper allocation of resources will keep your business always successful.
  4. It helps to manage “data Centers” efficiently. An AI-based power management system helps data centres to lower power usage which is the most complex challenge for IT these days. Power-efficient data centres are always key to better business.
  5. It assists the “IT help desk” by providing auto-tuning of applications. This means AI understands the logs and can respond to the queries and apply an appropriate algorithm to solve the problem without any user input.
  6. Machine Learning provides automatic mounting of IT infrastructure. Cloud provides auto-scaling for applications which means it can automatically perform according to the process requirement based on previous performance and data usage. This drastically reduces workloads of administrators allowing them to configure predictive scaling.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is altogether a suite of technologies inspired by human intellect capable of solving issues from education to medicines. Thus, the future of AI is bright as we are turning, more into technology and advancement in all aspects of our routine life.

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