Role of Influencer marketing in Branding

Role of Influencer Marketing in Branding

Influencer marketing is the process in which individuals are appointed to target and pitch a particular product

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the process in which individuals are appointed to target and pitch a particular product to the segmented audience on specific marketing platform Where the influencer acts as a content driver to reach out these small chunks and then driving them to a broader market. Influencer marketing is a moreover hybrid form of marketing with old and new ideas blended to create a new model and generate high ROI. The old idea of celebrity endorsement blended with new day content marketing leading to new branding strategy is the talk of the day.

What are key components of Influencer Marketing?

Some discipline components result in efficient influencer marketing, some of them are mentioned below:-
• Does your product have mass appeal?
• Are there influencers for your product out there?
• Identify key brand influencers related to your product.
• Create campaigns directed towards these influencers.
• Always have a secondary plan to extend the awareness plans to next frontiers.
• Track and analyze key metrics to track reach and brand awareness caused with the influencer.
It can be applied to various influencer marketing platform like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Why is Influencer Marketing important for Branding?

With influencer marketing being both earned and paid you need to be investing in this segment too. With these two categories, one is free and other paid in earned the influencer posts about the products with his own thoughts about it in paid the influencer gets paid for posting, in this case, one may need to follow the guidelines for posting along with some restrictions.
Below are certain reasons mentioned why one needs to include influencer marketing in their strategy:-

  • Gain consumer Trust:- With digital marketing in boom consumers rely on reviews and post that they are updated with. The influencers content and recommendations are trusted by these consumers creating buzz and loyalty towards your product, hence generating recommendations.
  • The shift from old school celebrity marketing:- With consumers believing more in opinion leaders than for honest opinion and review. Even though celebrity marketing has a huge reach compared to influencers many time they cannot generate interest in certain products. Instead, influencers create value in their posts which consumers believe in and project the exact image of your brand as they target small audience but generate more interest as compared to celebrity hence more companies are shifting to the other direction and also the cost incurred is very less.
  • Social media boom:- Social media growing like anything day by day across all platforms for every age group is the best channel through which influencers act a strategy aligned with these platforms will generate more ROI. With Linkedin for working professionals and Instagram for youth are the best to interact with your targeted segment with more than 700 million users the reach is incredible and is projected to be much more in upcoming years. However, you need to build a stronger social media presence than boost it and to attract more customers and generate more revenue.
  • FlowchartSource: WisdomPlexus
  • Ad blockers:- Ad blocker extensions are creating a hurdle in the traditional approach all the money invested in paid add pop-ups going in vain. Whereas with influencer marketing you can reach the generation/ targeted segment with your content

With consideration of all the above-mentioned point, not every brand can opt for Influencer Marketing, not every product can be pitched with influencer marketing but if you have an active social media presence, a vast network and specified products Influencer Marketing is the key for additional revenue generation.

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