Role of RPA (robotic process automation) IT

Role of RPA (robotic process automation) in IT

RPA being the most exciting developments is advancing rapidly-and widespread adoption of robotic automation read this blog to

Robotic process automation (RPA): Software tools that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) to automate repeatable tasks reducing manual intervention.

RPA plays a major role in a wide range of IT services

Support and Management

Implementing Robotic process automation in remote management of IT structures can proactively instigate and solve problems to increase throughput.

Automating processes would result in improved service desk operations and network monitoring thus allowing to handle short-term demands without extra recruitment.

Process Automation

The process automation can accelerate the back-office tasks in supply chain management, HR, Finance, data entry, etc. that require access to multiple systems.

Using presentation layer automation software multiple processes can be done eg. Scaling-up, carrying out prescribed functions without compromising existing IT- architecture.

Automated Assistants

Automated online assistants can process language, retrieve data which means RPA can answer to customers in natural language helping conserve resources for larger operations.

Tools in the robotic process automation

Helps business operation to be agile and cost-effective, provides flowchart like design UI along with drag and drop features to simplify automation prep.


  • Easy implementation
  • Analytics suite
  • Real-time feedback

Open source RPA tool, that allows global enterprises to design, deploy a robotic workforce.


  • Hosted in the cloud environment
  • Support for Web and Desktop applications
  • Scraping solution with absolute accuracy

Provides one of the most efficient ways to acquire, enhance, and deliver information from any application or data source including website, data portals, or enterprise systems.


  • Automatic bug fixing
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Monitor and Optimize existing work processes

Robotic process automation future prediction for 2019

Domination of attended bots: Attended bots will accelerate and augment the workforce in the new year. The ratio of unattended bots to attended bot is increased according to UiPath and is poised to be 50:50 soon.

The rise of AI into RPA: AI gaining more prominence will result in RPA’s merger with AI to deliver integrated business value eventually propelling the rise of Intelligent process automation (IPA).

Thus Enterprise RPA will be the disruptive force in digital automation in the IT industry playing the most vital role in upcoming years.

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