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Protect your firewall with top eight security measures

Businesses are still vulnerable to a large number of security threats. An effective Firewall Security is must to

A Firewall is an integrated system that helps to prevent any unauthorized access within the private network.

This system acts as a barrier or as a firewall between LAN and WAN examining every message entering the private local network thus prohibiting unwarranted blocks to come within the network. It can get implemented in either software or hardware form or both.

There are different types of Firewalls that can be implemented to protect your security network. The first step in finding the right system to protect your company’s data is to know what kind of firewall is best suited for your needs.

  • Packet-filtering
  • Stateful inspection
  • Circuit-level gateways
  • Application-level gateways
  • Next-gen 

Here are the best eight security measures that you must practice to keep your firewall safe and protected:


  1. The best way to protect against the main threats not covered by a firewall is to use a UTM (unified threat management) device. A UTM is a cloud service or virtual appliance that combines and integrates multiple security features and services.
  2. We can encrypt all sensitive data including essential passwords and tokens to make sure our firewall is wholly protected. Thus encryption helps to protect our password and essentially informed to stay secured.
  3. Some security applications have a facility which protects you against websites containing malware, by checking the sites before you click on them.
  4. By building visitors secure access, you can protect your internal network by blocking the entry of any visitors within your internal system. This helps you to keep your network safe and private.
  5. Shut off unused network services, i.e. check the network for services that are not required.
  6. We must keep our firewall secure by creating virtual perimeters that build a barrier between the Internet and the internal network. So that none of the hosts give the attacker the complete access to the system.
  7. Make justified security decisions so that average users can understand the terms and security policies.
  8. Any change in the business operations security policies must be automated to keep the user updated with it. An intelligent security policy is a key to active security practice.

Businesses are still vulnerable to a large number of security threats. Thus an effective Firewall Security is a must to keep your private network secure.

Therefore, keeping it safe is a significant challenge and a must-do task to enable a safer business operation. A firewall is a great deal of Security altogether.

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