Google Introduces New Services to the Cloud IoT Edge

Google Introduces New Services to the Cloud IoT Edge

Google has announced it would launch two new products to their cloud platform the Edge TPU, a new

The data generated from the internet of things (IoT) devices may exceed 40trillion GB by 2022. To cope with this recently Google has announced it would launch two new products to its platform the TPU, a new hardware chip, and it is an expansion of the Google Cloud AI.

The Edge TPU is a purpose-built ASIC chip by Google to run TensorFlow Lite ML models at the edge for running machine learning workloads written for its TensorFlow framework. This would lead to faster predictions in local processing and real-time along with reduced data privacy risks.

Cloud IoT Edge:-

Cloud IoT Edge is the software that enhances Google Cloud’s powerful data processing and machine learning capabilities making IoT applications much intelligent, solid, and secure.

How Cloud IoT Edge Works:-

Google Cloud Platform:- The Google cloud platform is an integrated software stack with ML abilities that consists of scalable, fully-managed cloud services for all your IoT needs.

A full-proof solution for data collection, processing, IoT data in real-time to increase operational efficiency. Therefore it can be provided in combination with other services on the Google Cloud IoT platform using Cloud IoT Core.

Edge TPUs:- These are devised to augment the previous Cloud TPU offering, using it one can boost ML training in the cloud providing super-fast Machine Learning inference at the edge.

Using EDGE TPU applied sensors will become more than data collectors-they will be able to make real-time, local, intelligent decisions. An Edge TPU development kit includes a SOM (System on module). Hence it collectively utilizes Google’s Edge TPU, an NXP CPU, Wi-FI, along with a Microchip secure element.

How Edge TPU with Google Cloud IoT core help businesses:-

  • Increased Operational Reliability:- One can build robust IoT solutions on-premise, without worrying about any connectivity issues. Because you can locally store, derive intelligence from data at the edge and also process it.
  • Faster Real-Time Prediction:- Significantly there are faster predictions for critical IoT applications than GPU IoT gateways. Hence, with the help of Cloud IoT Edge with Edge TPU as they can run on-device machine learning codes.

Cloud IoT Edge, Edge TPU, and Cloud IoT Core will be a disrupter in the world of IoT. As a result, creating new possibilities.

Hence, powerful and robust data processing and ML capabilities are at the edge. As a result, many devices can predict outcomes and act on the data from their sensors in real-time. With Google Cloud IoT the future of IoT is here.

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