Device Mesh - The new disrupter in the Digital World

Device Mesh – The new disrupter in the Digital World

The device mesh is what techno-experts, are calling as the next big thing to move beyond the realms

Gartner’s Topmost Tech disrupter, the Device mesh is a network of connected devices.

What is Device Mesh?

Device mesh is just a network of devices that aid communication between various entities such as humans, businesses, and machines providing a more innovative cohesive user experience.

It includes numerous mobile devices, electronic machines, wearable, and a wide range of sensors connected through IoT.

Difference between Device Mesh and Traditional network:-

In the traditional wireless network there used to be a single router that would transmit signal and all other devices were connected to it, with increasing distance the signal would go on attenuating till a point that it would be impossible for a device to stay connected to the network.

Whereas in Mesh network being like a woven fabric every device connected acts as a transmitting node and passes the signal to the next device resulting in increased range and with recent IoT applications on both consumer and industrial-scale would result in a proliferation of networks of connected things.

Impact of Mesh on business modernization:-

Companies avoiding to migrate to Mesh n/w in upcoming years might fail to keep up with forward-thinking competitors.

As, these networks will enable organizations to optimize and automate business processes, build a robust workflow automates the existing process, and access all the critical data than previously.

With improved connectivity and almost self-healing mechanisms leading to undisrupted connectivity play a supporting role in strategic development at a very low cost.


Smart Cities

Mesh N/w has provided Scottsdale with a number of benefits and facilities at a reduced cost, with a reduction in the number of human services required eg. police force for traffic direction, smooth transport with less delay.

Industrial Automation

Machines connected to n/w will be able to share data from sensors continuously and constantly. Especially regardless of any congestion or environment in which they are set up.

For example, sensors in large boilers and IoT deployed where the temperature is very high and hardwiring. Moreover, it is almost impossible to use this technology with repeater nodes. Hence, it will result in continuous data generation improving the decision making that too at very less cost.


The Agricultural area being widespread it’s merely impossible to lay cables and gather data, depending on which farmers can make smart decisions by analyzing the data.

Moreover, combining IoT data regarding temperature, humidity, and online cameras one can proactively take measures for livestock, maintaining the workforce with real-time data accessible now.

Other device meshes applications include:

  • Ambient user experience.
  • 3-D printing materials.
  • Information on everything.
  • Advanced machine learning.
  • Autonomous agents and things.

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