11 Best Tools for Data Governance

Data holds incredible value in every business. However, the challenge that every industry faces is how to collect

Data holds incredible value in every business. However, the challenge that every industry faces is how to collect efficiently, process, and use the data to bring the best out of it.

Data governance tools help organizations automate the overall process of managing the data to maintain its value.

Below discussed are some of the tools used for Data governance.

Complete List of Best Data Governance Tools


Talend data governance tool is a data governance tool.

It benefits the user by sharing the data across the enterprise.


  • Unified Cloud Platform allows users to deliver self- service access through a unified cloud platform.
  • Upfront resolving of data quality problems.
  • Ensure the transparency of data.

Price: Need to contact sales and includes benefits like big data integration, data governance, application integration

Apache Atlas

Apache Atlas is a data governance tool facilitating the processing and maintaining of metadata.

It has been designed so as to exchange the data with multiple tools.

It provides platform-agnostic governance.

It also provides metadata management and governance-like capabilities for the organizations to build a catalog of data assets.

These catalog data assets can then be further classified and can be put into collaboration for data scientists, analysts, and the data governance team.


  • Classification: Create classification like PII, EXPIRES_ON, DATA_QUALITY, SENSITIVE.

Entity classification with various classifications that enable easier discovery.

  • Lineage: Instinctive UI for viewing data lineage as it passes through multiple phases.
  • Search: Instinctive UI can search based on classifications, type, or attribute value.

Price: Apache Atlas is available for free under the Apache software license, version 2.0

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Collibra data governance tool enables business users to find data and give a context to answer the most complex questions within seconds.


  • Business Glossary: Helps data stewards define and build the business a common data foundation.
  • Data Lineage: Helps the users in understanding the movement and transformation of data.
  • Collaboration: Users can share data definitions and technologies with others in the organization.

Price: Need to contact the Collibra sales team for pricing.


Essentially AtScale’s data governance tool enables the organizations to provide self-service access to the curated data sets.

With the help of self –service access, it makes sure that there is a minimum risk associated with data movement.

It provides the IT teams with secure access and supports them in compliance with the security and governance of data.

Key Features:

  • Metadata Filtering: Filter the metadata with perspectives like providing multiple views for users and groups based on their rights of visibility.
  • Securing Data at Rest and In Motion: Using data-platform-level encryption zone and masking, users can securing the data either in rest or if it is in motion.
  • Central data repository: Data can be accessed from one single storage space even with multiple tools.

Price: Need to contact the sales team for pricing.


Among many of Stealthbit products, StealthAudit is meant for data access governance.

It locates your data, classifies it, monitors it, and remediates it.

This thus makes managing access to data quite difficult, thus promoting security as well as compliance efficiency.


  • Discovering Data: Users can have a complete view of data footprints by discovering the location of the data.
  • Monitoring: Users can monitor the interactions being done to data.
  • Restructure: Restructuring access helps in achieving the least privilege principle for better governance.

Price: Need to contact the sales team for pricing details.


Io-Tahoe governance abilities help to govern new as well as existing data thus helping business users as well as IT teams to verify the quality of data.

With automated data discovery it helps in understanding the data dependencies as well as the flow of information throughout the company.


  • Automated Data Discovery: Discover previously hidden data and data relationships.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Provides compliance to various standards like GDPR, Dodd-Frank, Basel III, and CCAR.
  • Maximum Analysis: Analyze billions of rows of data with maximum accuracy.

Price: Need to contact the sales team for pricing


OvalEdge is a data catalog and data governance tool.

It allows companies to customize the tool according to their business needs because of its open architecture.

It also displays relationships among the data using algorithms as well as manual input.

With the help of its business glossary, it helps in setting up data quality and data definition standards.


  • Data Access: Manage access to data through policies, workflows, and controls.
  • Reports: Get reports for data usage and controls.
  • Data Quality Rules: Define data quality rules for improving data trust and taking efficient decisions.

Price: Users can avail its services at a cost of $100 per annum

SAP Master Data Governance

SAP Master Data Governance helps enterprises secure their data by providing a single, trusted view of data and addressing operational challenges.

It governs the master data lifecycle to increase the quality and constant flow of information across the organization.


  • Central data governance: Distribute master data through a centralized source extending across the organization.
  • Mass Processing: Mass change processes enables data stewards to perform bulk changes.
  • Process Analytics: Have the information about every data processing with a summarized dashboard.

Price: Users can avail of this service under the package of SAP cloud platform data enrichment for $1,392 per unit per month.


Axon data governance by Informatica.

Axon supports business lineage data, workflow-driven changes requests, and policy design and creation.

Key Features:

  • Visualize Data Lineage: Creating end-to-end business flow to visualize and to expose duplicity, dependencies, and impacts.
  • Developing Trust in Data: Using governed data to build trusted results across organizations.
  • Customization: Users can customize certain key fields to ensure data governance communities execute their programs efficiently.

Price: Need to contact the sales team for pricing details.


Truedat is an open-source data governing tool. It provides data governance solutions to highly complex and changing data architectures.

Changing data architecture happens when enterprises migrate their IT platform to cloud or multi-cloud.

This thus results in data complexities too.


  • Connect your systems: Truedat provides connectors for systems related to ETLs as well as big data thus enhancing data dictionary and data lineage.
  • Business Governance: It provides governance through configurable management workflows, quality control management, roles, and permission managements and data quality and governance dashboards.
  • Integration: Truedat allows us to combine metadata from various sources on the same interfaces. Thus allowing them to make better decisions and better analysis.

Price: It is free software and can be redistributed or modified as well.


erwin’s data governance is powered by Erwin’s data intelligence suite that provides data catalog, data literacy, and automation capabilities.

This helps enterprises to understand and govern their data assets.

With the help of connectors, Erwin can amalgamate data management and data governance to automate real-time data pipelines.


  • Schedule Scan of Metadata: Ongoing scans for metadata from multiple arrays of data sources can be scheduled.
  • Mapping: Mapping of data from source to the target helps organizations to gather information in an organized manner, thus increasing efficiency in business operations.
  • Connectors: Automate the data governance and data management process with the help of connectors.

Price: Their sales rep can be contacted for free trial or information on a purchase.

Understanding the need for data and laying the frameworks for data governance is most important for any organization.

Although, all the above-mentioned tools (and there might be more) are pretty effective but organizations should go for the tools that satisfy their business needs.

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