Cloud Security - Four Biggest Misconceptions about it

Cloud Security – Four Biggest Misconceptions about it

Cloud Computing Security is the most trending and fastest growing security applications similar to the traditional IT security,

Today, in this digitalized world Businesses are getting more improved and advanced. Along with the pros of this digitalization the cons cannot be ignored.

Therefore we need a real assured security application like Cloud security to protect our business from global theft and hacks.

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud Computing Security is the most trending and fastest-growing security applications similar to the traditional IT security, but more advanced to protect your information from data theft, data leakage risks and data hack.

Unlike traditional IT Security, cloud computing is functionally more developed to protect your data and critical information.

The data remains equally secure in case of data append at different locations. So, now you have better ways of delivering security solutions that also address new areas of concern.

Cloud Security is not What You Think

The Cloud can fully secure your business

It is often wrongfully assumed that the service providers of Cloud are responsible for managing the usage, access, and data of their service.

We are responsible for protecting our data against theft, identity fraud, loss, or even theft of devices by making sure that we provide access to tools via secure networks, encrypt sensitive data, and other risks.

Cloud Service Providers does not require a Security Insurance Certificate

Businesses who need cloud services to secure their data must ask for a security insurance certificate from their corresponding cloud service providers. Usually, this is ignored by the clients as well as by the service providers thus creating a risk of fraud.

Service Providers take no notice to present certificates as it requires some money to generate this insurance but the clients must pay attention to it as it is all about their critical data information security which should not be under someone unauthorized.

Cyber Security Insurance Cost is not only affected by the security of the cloud service provider

The Cybersecurity cost of a company is evaluated by insurance companies to maintain a monthly premium. If an organization is regarded not to be doing what’s needed, at that point, this can affect the monthly amount.

The efficiency of Cloud Service provider is dependent on the number of data centers it has.

This is the biggest misconception about cloud technology, Cloud Security providers having multiple data centers is always better, but this is not only the parameter to judge how efficient the provider is.

Microsoft Azure has just 30, but it is the top efficient provider as compared to other cloud security provider having multiple data centers.

Companies are moving forward towards cloud Security as it provides a better degree of flexibility and scalability, way better than the previous legacy technology.
Be a Cloud Compliant Today!

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