Cloud Computing Career Path

All You Need to Know About Establishing a Career in Cloud Computing

Setting up a promising career is a desire for every youth around the world. In the process, people

Setting up a promising career is a desire for every youth around the world. In the process, people pursue their education to receive assistance in understanding and attaining skills in a specific domain. A career in Cloud Computing is one such field where career establishment can be a good choice. 

The demand for cloud-based technologies is remarkably increasing with time. The probable reason for this is the high data usage in companies worldwide. Data bears great significance while running a business, and cloud computing helps manage big data for organizational purposes. Furthermore, it assists in saving time and resources, attaining scalability, exploring innovations, promoting flexibility, controlling costs, simplifying workflow, and others. 

While cloud computing can offer many advantages, it also opens a solid career path for job seekers. In this blog, we shall discuss the crucial aspects of establishing a career in cloud computing. 

Cloud Computing Career Path

Cloud computing offers a diverse set of jobs that require different skills and follow different salary structures. Both freshers and people with experience can pursue a career in this domain; however, knowledge of computer science is essential. Therefore, an academic background in computer science and IT can help remarkably establish a career in cloud computing. Job roles in this domain include-

Cloud Network Engineer

The chief duty of this role is to manage the cloud-based operations of an organization. They are responsible for setting up, designing, supporting, and maintaining cloud networks operating in private, public, and hybrid infrastructures. The average salary for this role is around $93,000 per year.

Data Scientist

The main responsibility of a data scientist is to examine data on cloud systems and retrieve important insights. In a way, they manage big data and shortlist relevant data from it. Their regular duty involves extracting, cleaning, and presenting data for organizational purposes. While establishing a career in cloud computing, this job post can offer $107,000 to $160,000 yearly, as per the candidate’s experience. 

Platform Engineer

Platform engineers take charge of developments and change factors in the cloud networks. They create and deploy new networks in the existing cloud system. Ensuring security guidelines and compliance in the cloud-based networks is also the platform engineer’s duty. A platform engineer’s average salary structure is $105,000 and $140,500 per annum. 

Cloud Architect

It is one of the highest posts among cloud computing jobs. A cloud architect looks after the entire cloud computing strategy of an enterprise. They are the decision-makers behind any modifications or upgrades in the cloud systems. Cloud architects not only monitor the cloud technologies in an organization but also manage the entire IT team. The average salary received in this post is from $123,000 to $160,000 yearly. 

How to Start a Career in Cloud Computing?

Career in Cloud Computing : Your Comprehensive Guide

The seeds of a successful career in cloud computing can be planted by pursuing a bachelor’s or higher education in the field of IT and computer science. Knowledge of programming languages, data management, information security, APIs, cloud security, automation, Linux, AI, and serverless operations are among the basic skills required in this domain. 

There are several cloud computing certification courses that can be handy for people looking to begin a career in this sector. Establishing a strong network can also help start a career in cloud computing. The skills one pursues can be highlighted to the network, which can direct the interested recruiters to their profiles. 

Is Cloud Computing a Good Profession?

Cloud computing is a constantly evolving field. Reports show that 60% of global commercial data is stored and managed on cloud-based networks. As digitalization increases, more data will be utilized, and cloud technologies will be implemented to manage big data. This also indicates increasing job opportunities in the sector. Moreover, cloud computing provides a variety of job roles that people can explore while solidifying their careers in this domain. 

Therefore, starting a career in cloud computing can be fruitful as far as digitalization and innovation are practiced in organizations. The above-explained cloud computing career path is an operational one based on how professionals can enhance their skills for each role. Read our other blogs to gain insight into cross-domains. 

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