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Top 8 AIOps Vendors You Need to Know About

Almost every business today is dependent on its IT systems, which gives it the insights into its day

Almost every business today is dependent on its IT systems, which gives it the insights into its day to day operations.

Data generated by analyzing metrics can often be hectic for a human mind to reach for individual decisions. Herein comes the need for AIOps.

AIOps mixes artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the preexisting processes.

The basis for Selecting a Particular AIOps Tool

The best AIOps tool is the one having capabilities like combining data from multiple sources and driving insights from them.

The motive behind this is to address the issues automatically as well as in real-time.

Below mentioned are the essential basic features that a user should look into while opting for AIOps tools:


IT operations work on a daily set of rules.

These rules are put into implementation to troubleshoot various IT operations.

An AIOps tool should be flexible with such rules.

For example, there is a need to update any network device. Say a particular device might be able to handle the update, but the older ones won’t be able to handle it.

The adaptability feature of AIOps should be efficient enough in rerouting this update to an appropriate device that can handle such an upgrade.

Real-Time Detection of IT Issues

Anything less than a second is considered to be an ideal time-lapse for calculating real-time data.

An AIOps tool should be capable of detecting IT related issues in real-time from the time when data gets introduced to the system until the exhaustion of that data point.

Data Improvement

Users should opt for such an AIOps tool that could help them improve the existing data.

In day-to-day IT operations, an enormous amount of data is collected through logs as well as events.

An effective AIOps tool would enrich this data by combining it with real-time data that includes remote data that will provide time-series information.

For example, historical data such as logs and events data are enriched by adding metadata as well as tags that optimizes them by adding context while searching.

This information can be further used to bring out key values.

Easy Usage

One should opt for such an AIOps tool that has the capacity of mixing up with cloud platforms.

Owing to this, it will be beneficial for the IT teams to counter and address people from a different site in a secure manner.

AIOps tools can be more beneficial if monitored data pipeline is provided, by which collected information can be easily facilitated across teams.


An AIOps tool can build itself up, supported by nothing in the initial stages.

An efficient AIOps tool should be able to map itself with the existing network standards and other storage devices.

It should be able to monitor the environment and adapt to the ongoing data flow.

Here are Top 8 AIOps Vendors


This technology was founded by Rob Das, Erik Swan, Michael Baum in the year 2003.

Splunk was founded as a search engine for log files that get stored in systems.

Splunk Enterprise is the AIOps product, developed by Splunk.

It allows its users to analyze and visualize the data gathered by the IT components.

Data is collected from various sources like websites, applications, etc. and after the data source is defined in the systems, the indexing part starts.

Indexed data is then presented in a series of events from where it can be searched as well as viewed.

Most of the time, users connect Splunk Enterprise with the web thereby keep track of the deployments and reports, running searches Splunk Web is used.

Some of the Key Features of Splunk are as below:

  • Search: Insights from the data like calculating metrics, predictions, and event retrieving are provided here.
  • Alerts: Whenever a configured search condition is met, an alert is issued for both historical as well as real-time searches.
  • Reports: It allows you to save searches as reports which a user can later add to dashboards and can even schedule thee reports for generating alerts for particular conditions.


Splunk Enterprise’s price is prices are based on index volume per day with minimum starting at 1 GB per day for $2,070 per GB for an annual license, and for perpetual, it will cost $6,210 per GB.


Founded on 1 April 2008, AppDynamics is an IT operations analytics company based in San Francisco. CISCO Systems is its parent company.

The Central Nervous system is the AIOps product delivered by AppDynamics with the help of CISCO.

The Central Nervous System works on three pillars, which are visibility, insights and action.

It allows enterprises to have maximum visibility related to cloud environments and deliver insights with the help of machine learning technology and automate the tasks.

It aims at speeding up innovation procedures.

It helps in empowering businesses with AI insights, assisting them in taking appropriate actions at the right times. The Central Nervous System will facilitate third party systems to correlate and analyze the data across domains.

Scope of visibility is related to fields like businesses, user experience, applications and security.

Visualization extends its scope towards anomaly detection and root cause analysis.

Actions are designed for the fields like incident response, resource scaling and cost optimizations.

Key Features:

  • Automated anomaly detection: Because of techniques like artificial intelligence and machine learning, cognition engine is able to automate issues like detecting anomaly and root cause analysis.
  • Deep Visibility: The mapping of serverless applications with business performances gives deep visibility related to the impact on business processes.
  • Integrations: The Central Nervous system facilitates best partnerships, including third-party services as well as integrations resulting in the efficient adoption of AIOps.


Need to contact AppDynamic sales team for the quotes

Micro Focus

Founded in 1976, Micro Focus is a British public limited company specializing in the services of software and consultancy

Operations Bridge (OpsBridge) is the AIOps product from Micro Focus.

OpsBridge uses various methods like automated discovery, monitoring, and remediation to mix and analyze the data from multiple tools.

With AIOps as well as machine learning technology, it is able to enhance the process of identifying issues.

With the help of AIOps, it is able to identify the root causes and improve upon them with the help of robotic automation.

Features are Listed as Below:

  • Automating hybrid IT monitoring: Users can have a complete look at the health of IT resources on cloud platforms.
  • Data mixing: Provides data related signals to AIOps from different domains. The data is collected in COSCO (Collect Once Store Once) from where data is made available for real-time processing.
  • Customized dashboard and reporting: For faster decision- making, actionable insights are provided in real-time.


The need to opt for demo at first and then need to contact the sales team for quotes.


Zenoss Cloud is the AIOps solution provided by Zenoss. It is an IT operation management platform.

It prevents disruptions in complex IT environments by normalizing all of the machine data.

It facilitates IT operations with capabilities like

  • Root Cause Analysis: Eliminates end to end infrastructure problems thereby improving MTTR(Mean time to repair).
  • Intelligent Automation: Sharing of data to other IT operation management tools, so that the monitoring platforms could be used at any scales.

Key Features are mentioned below:

  • SaaS Platform: Zenoss Cloud was architected to be able to function on cloud platforms. Being a user of the Google cloud platform, it has the leverage of using Google’s cloud security.
  • New Smart View: It has provided its users with a new quick view technology wherein most of the relevant data is made available for the users.
  • Data Centralization: All of the machine data is collected at a unified store which in combination with the hybrid IT model gives insights about it.


For this, you’d need to contact the sales team of Zenoss.


Founded in the year 2011 by Phill Tee, it is a leading provider of AIOps solutions helping IT teams work effectively.

Moogsoft AI platform is the AIOps product developed by Moogsoft providing automation solutions for end-to-end events.

Real-time data is collected through various sources, and the events associated with the data are correlated.

Insights from the same are thereafter shared with operation teams, which help in improving MTTR (Mean time to repair).

This, in turn, helps improving user experiences and also simplifies cloud infrastructure.

Moogsoft’s AIOps platform is efficient enough to tackle and analyze maximum events on a daily basis and that too among the complex IT environments.

This, thus helps IT operation teams in the timely execution of necessary actions, thereby saving maximum time for them.


  • Real-time monitoring of systems.
  • Providing alerts as soon as they arrive.
  • Generates accurate incident reports.


Price is based on the type of module, users opt for starting from $8 per month to $600 per year.


Founded in the year 2006, Centerity develops software that is capable of providing the performance analytics platform to businesses.

Centerity is the AIOps platform specializing in providing real-time analytics complex on cloud or on-premise environments.

Centerity’s AIOps platform automates the dashboard creation procedure. Its working includes collecting all IT assets that are dependent on various technologies.

Key performing indicators for every asset is presented in the form of graphs and also made available in dashboards.

This presents the users with a complete business view, thus providing them with information about user experience, anomalies, and cybersecurity.


  • Business Service View: Customized dashboards provide real-time protection for business purposes.
  • Anomaly Detection: SLA (Service – level agreement) and CSAT (customer satisfaction) are provided additional support after the detection of anomalies through AI.
  • Multi-Tenancy: It supports multi-user, multi-vendor and multi-location because of centralized management support.


Need to opt for demo at first and then need to contact the sales team for quotes.


Founded in the year 2014, Kentik provides the AIOps platform for network professionals. Kentik is the AIOps platform specifically designed for network professionals.

Kentik collects the data in the real-time process and correlates it with the events.

It chalks out the network condition for the network professionals that are to be addressed.

Kentik is used in the majority of other tasks as explained below:

  • Problem detection: It can detect the abnormalities in the network because of the quick visual data exploration with the help of embedded machine learning.
  • Capacity planning: Users can identify the network growth by identifying the resources which are about to reach their capacity.


  • Network explorer: Elimination of complex queries that were earlier needed for finding information.
  • Alerting: Discovering the network events prior to its affecting customer experience.
  • Network map: Navigating through the area of interest and understanding the same with the geographical representation of the network.


Kentik is priced at $40,000.00/year

Loom System

Founded in the year 2015, its AIOps solution helps in predicting and eliminating the issues that arise while migration to clouds.

Sophie is the AIOps solution by Loom systems capable of preventing IT issues before customers are affected.

Sophie, an AIOps solution is capable of predicting the issues for customers undergoing digital transformations.
Its working can be defined as below:

  • Data Collection: log and metrics data is collected from various sources and is later divided according to their purpose. The data collected is classified with the required measurement methods.
  • Anomaly Detection: With machine learning algorithms, Sophie is able to understand data behaviour.
    It sets a certain measurement in real-time in order to detect the emerging issues at the initial stages.
  • Root Cause Analysis: With the help of cognitive reasoning, cross-application issues are detected, giving information about the digital environment.


  • Detecting issues in real-time.
  • Automated root cause analysis.
  • Problem prediction.


For quotation of the product, you’d need to contact Loom system management


AIOps surely has made its place among the priorities of modern businesses.

With the help of machine learning and analytics, it has helped the IT teams to troubleshoot the majority of their issues within a lesser time span. With the right platform businesses are sure to achieve wonders.

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