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Talent Acquisition Process: 5 Steps to Build a Quality Workforce

Recruiting can be simple, efficient and a robust way to build a high-quality workforce. The process of acquiring

What is Talent Acquisition?

HR professionals, recruiters, outsourcing, and hiring managers together make up for the talent acquisition department for any organization.

In a corporate set-up, this department is usually placed under the Human Resource section for hiring skilled professionals for leadership roles, executive-level positions, and jobs that require some sort of specific training.

What is the purpose of Talent Acquisition?

The process of acquiring talent is an on-going process that includes attracting the right person with the perfect skill-set, examining their behavioral and technical know-how, selecting the candidate, onboarding them, and hence fulfilling a company’s long term needs.

Talent Acquisition Process flow:

Finding the right person can be a long tiring procedure for both the parties. Generally, it can be categorized into:

  1. Sourcing:

    You need to start with an irresistible job description and find various social media and job platforms where you can post it. On these specific platforms, you can network, build relationships, and thereby make your talent needs be heard world-wide.

  2. Recruitments:

    Building and promoting the company brand, creating a competitive/ best in the industry compensation package, and thereby fulfilling the organizational needs are some of the critical components of attracting the perfect candidate to your organization.

  3. Interviews:

    Identifying the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and some of the essential skills that the position requires problem-solving skills, attention to detail and resourcefulness can help you find the perfect fit. Besides that, aptitude tests, psychometric assessments, and cognitive evaluations can also help with the procedure.

  4. Checking references:

    Many people skip this step but checking a candidate’s validate references can help consolidate your gut feeling in case you are fickle-minded about the candidate’s fit.

  5. Hiring and Onboarding:

    This final step can make or break a new employees’ attitude towards the company. So, prepare and streamline the itinerary that needs to be followed on the on-boarding day to provide for the best employee experience.

Building a healthy relationship with the candidate with time, even if they aren’t actively searching for a job, is vital for your business.

The talent acquisition process mentioned above doesn’t only provide your business with a bird’s eye view of a candidate’s skill set, but also adds up to the loyalty and creativity that the employee brings which can, therefore, take your company one step ahead of the competitors.

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