Oracle has emerged as a major force in supply chain management (SCM) in the cloud. It wasn’t first to the game, but in 2016 Oracle made the brave and progressive decision to essentially stop selling its on-premise applications and focus exclusively on the cloud for supply chain management the upward growth rates of cloud now make this decision seem obvious, even if it was not at the time.

Oracle has taken an approach to its SCM applications with a foundation in traditional supply chain applications while working to embed modern technology capabilities within these applications. The supply chain portfolio at Oracle consists of seven categories, each built out with products that align with each category.

The seven product categories are product life-cycle management, supply chain planning, procurement, logistics, order management, production, and maintenance management.

Today’s shoppers expect more than a transactional relationship with retailers; they want a seamless and personalized journey that reflects the context of how they shop across devices and channels. The key to success lies in connecting in-store software with online systems so retailers can provide an uninterrupted experience wherever customers shop.

Driving digital transformation in retail requires connectivity across an ever-increasing number of applications, data and devices. Because of this, connectivity has emerged as a bottleneck that slows the development of new applications and the adoption of new technologies to meet customer demands.

The retail industry is unique in that there are few other sectors which are so complex and varied. Retailers today are required to be multifaceted and adapt to dramatic socioeconomic changes. Not only has the retail industry gone through significant disruption because of technology, but the global economy, changes in working patterns and new entrants have brought waves of change to the modern retailer.

In many IT organizations, leaders are realizing the strategies of today won’t cut it tomorrow. 

To compete in the future, you must embrace a new perspective on how to operate. Your leadership must be transformational, working across journeys, functions and departments, and your outcomes must focus on experiences. Your work execution must be coordinated in an enterprise ecosystem with multiple groups and teams working together. And your cadence must shift to continuous delivery.  

Put simply, we’re experiencing a shift to a modern IT operating model which requires a new kind of leader.

This webinar focuses on how a transformational leader can help accelerate IT execution. In the webinar, we will discuss ten essential qualities you must embody to get there, including: 

  • Making change management a central role
  • Embracing minimalism as a work management strategy
  • Realizing that the future of work is human


Scott Lee
Vice President, Product Management

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The cost and complexity of commercializing a biologic drug can be daunting, especially when it’s estimated that nine out of 10 drugs in clinical trials do not make it to market. While the path to (and through) clinical trials can be a complicated and challenging process, your team doesn’t need to face the burden of costs, time and other obstacles on their own.

Download our new interactive infographic to learn more about how CDMOs can help in navigating the complex clinic process.

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Consumers seeking healthier options for foods and beverages are becoming savvy about product-label claims. Many are no longer satisfied with labels like “healthy” or “all- natural” — they want to know about the fiber quality and the prebiotic content.

Enter the world of organic inulin, a prebiotic fiber found in numerous fruits and vegetables. Inulin is steadily gaining popularity among a range of health-conscious consumers. Breakfast cereals, for example, can take advantage of inulin’s positive label claims. To boost sales, brands are using inulin to offer digestive-wellness benefits and low-sugar promises — two of the biggest consumer trends. In this playbook, learn about:

  • The adaptability of using organic inulin
  • The health benefits of using this healthier food option
  • The future of organic inulin

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