Is it Safe to Use Tor

What is Tor? Is it Safe?

Anonymous browsing has attained popularity lately, considering the increased number of identities and cyber thefts. The Onion Router,

Anonymous browsing has attained popularity lately, considering the increased number of identities and cyber thefts. The Onion Router, or Tor, allows users to surf the internet anonymously. It is also widespread as the dark web browser that enables people to access the dark net or web. For this reason, people also consider it to be unsafe.

Stats reflect that more than two million users access Tor regularly. People utilize this browser for multiple purposes, but it is especially useful for internet usage without disclosing user identity. But is it safe? Let us explore the safety parameters of The Onion Router alongside its operating process, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is Tor?

The Onion Router is a browser that enables users for anonymous web browsing. It hides the IP address of the users from traffic monitoring. The Tor Project mainly manages this browser which is also a free overlay network. An overlay network is built on another network that allows anonymous interaction.

In many regions, accessing the dark net and using anonymous browsers is prohibited for criminal associations. However, such browsers are also beneficial in private communications and legal activities. For this reason, various governmental bodies, activists, reporters, and security officials utilize it.

How Does it Work?

Tor depends on onion routing, a peer-to-peer overlay network that provides anonymity on the internet. The browser leverages various nodes or relays to send and receive data. These nodes are also known as onion-routing servers. Such servers are nothing but various stages of encryption that hide the source and endpoint of data on the network.

While using The Onion Routing, users utilize encrypted servers to send data. The data travels through the overlay network, leaving the primary servers. The process passes data through multiple encrypted nodes before delivering it to its specific destination. Such activities make it challenging to track the original source of data. Hence, web monitoring fails in The Onion Router.

Advantages of Tor:

It is free: The Onion Router is free to use on diverse systems such as Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS. Moreover, it is an open-source initiative in which users can change its source code.

Anonymity: The browser hides users’ IP addresses, allowing them to use the Internet anonymously. It furthermore enhances online privacy by encrypting data at various stages and nodes.

Independence: The Onion Router does not require an infrastructure, nor does it invest in anything similar. Volunteers manage it without any intention of making a profit. Therefore, law and government bodies cannot influence or change the functionalities of this browser.

Access to dark net: People can access the larger portion of the internet with The Onion Router that stays hidden for regular users. The dark web deals with many legal and illegal activities which are not accessible with regular browsers.

Disadvantages of Tor:

Speed: As The Onion Router passes data through various nodes for anonymity purposes, the browsing speed usually decreases.

Consensus block: The exit node of The Onion Router is weaker and vulnerable to various threats, initiating a temporary communication block for suspicious or malicious users.

Reputation: Many people consider Tor unsafe due to its connection with the dark web and associated criminal activities.

Final Remarks: Is Tor Safe?

The Onion Router is not inherently unsafe. It is a technology designed to maintain anonymity on the web. However, due to its association with the dark web, it’s often perceived as risky. But rest assured, there’s no danger unless users willingly engage in illicit activities.

Additionally, Tor does not provide anonymity entirely. It requires appropriate configuration with all the applications and software on a system to maintain anonymity everywhere. If the applications do not have proper configuration, anonymity may not work for them. Moreover, Tor can also have bugs and weaknesses, just like other technologies. In such situations, the browser can cause unsafe situations.

Though many sites and experts assert The Onion Router to be unsafe, its watchful usage can contribute to safe internet exploration. Read our blogs to learn about the latest innovations and technologies.


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