How is Cyberspace Different from the Physical World

Secure Cyberspace: How is Cyberspace Different from the Physical World?

In the 21st century, cyberspace is a virtual place where a lot of people spend most of their

In the 21st century, cyberspace is a virtual place where a lot of people spend most of their time. Cyberspace has become the most important part of our life. It is different from the physical world in various aspects. In this article, we will see how we have formed cyberspace and what are the important laws to secure cyberspace.

Cyberspace is undefined and does not have a geographical location. Internet is the biggest network for connecting computers. Cyberspace is independent of the internet. Cyberspace is a total interconnection between people via the internet.

How is Secure Cyberspace Different from the Physical World?

What is Cyberspace?

Technology is getting advanced day by day. In the market, there are the latest inventions related to machines and computers. Using high-speed data processing devices the power of one computer is the power of all connected computers termed as internet or network-to-network.

Cyberspace is the virtual space that such networks of machines or computers create. Hence, cyberspace is also described as a widely spread interconnected digital technology. Cyberspace is an electronic medium to communicate via the internet and to perform data exchange activities.

History of Cyberspace

The term cyberspace was first introduced in the book “Neuromancer” written by Wiliam Gibson. This science-fiction book describes the society that uses the online world of computers. According to the author, cyberspace was a virtual space that almost looks like the physical world but computers constructs this space.

Since cyberspace is a dynamic space and is different from the physical world it does not have boundaries or gravity.

Use of Cyberspace

We live in the era of the internet where everyone is dependent on the internet. Cyberspace is a dynamic space where there is communication between computer networks.

However, We can use cyberspace in many ways. Education, finance, and everything are connected to cyberspace. In the Covid crisis, online education increased where teachers and students can connect online from their respective locations to maintain social distance. Even, employees are working from home, communicating via the internet, and accessing the data online.

The organization uses the internet to store and maintain data. Internet banking, booking flight tickets, accessing data on a phone and on a computer at the same time is now easier with the help of cyberspace.

Difference Between Cyberspace and Physical World


Cyberspace vs Physical World


Cyberspace examples

Cyberspace is related to the use of the internet for various purposes. Whenever we use the internet it creates cyberspace. For example, whenever the stakeholder takes a virtual meeting it creates a virtual space known as cyberspace.

Another important example of cyberspace is the online gaming platform. Today online gaming platform is trending. Large gaming communities have formed and they are playing online games together from different locations. Gamers create their own cyberspace that exists on a digital platform. In fact, live video streaming while playing online games is also an example of cyberspace.

Cyberspace is popular in terms of social interaction rather than technical executions.

Secure Cyberspace and Cyber Laws

Cyber laws came into action in order to ensure that people use technology wisely and avoid misuse of it. Since Cyberspace is completely different from the physical world, cyber laws also differ from traditional laws. Governments have introduced various laws to provide security for users.

When an individual commits an act that violates the cyber laws, it is treated as a cyberspace violation. Hence the individual is punished under the cyber law act.

Today many people are using the internet for illegal activities like money laundering and identity theft. The government has created stringent laws to enhance cybersecurity.

The government has formed cyber laws to secure cyberspace and to punish people who are misusing the internet to conduct crimes. Online harassment, hacking different sites, and data theft are different issues we are facing while using the internet. These crimes are very harmful as they can leak the personal information of individuals or organizations.


Cyberspace has made life easier. It has now become a part of human life. Although it is easier to carry out work in cyberspace, it has also caused some security issues related to personal information.

People are been facing many kinds of unwanted frauds, children are easily accessing inappropriate content on the internet. You must take precautions while using cyberspace. Cyberspace is also a way to grow and develop as a community. People must use cyberspace appropriately.

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