Advantages and disadvantages of VoIP

Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP Explained

Internet connections paved the way for modern communications that is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). All a user

Internet connections paved the way for modern communications that is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

All a user needs here is a desk phone and a SIP server.

Herein, operations being carried out over the internet, data is stored securely over clouds.

Here we’ll be going through some of the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP.

Pros and Cons of VoIP

Pros of VoIP


VoIP usage can significantly lower the phone bills as internet plans are quite flexible compared to the draconian call tariff plans.

Camelot Global, a lottery operator service, reduced their conference call costs to a significant extent.


Camelot Global needed a flexible telephone system that could bring down their current bill costs and simultaneously bring flexibility in phone numbers (operating in different countries) and customer on-boarding.


Camelot Global switched to VoIP studio.

It provided flexible and secure connections along with free internet calls, worldwide virtual numbers, and apt for remote offices.

Its dashboard allowed users with features like in-dashboard IM as well as voice calls.

IM chat features allowed users to have an inbuilt chat platform that was time-friendly.

Users with the voice call option could make VoIP calls from the dashboard itself.


  • Camelot was able to add new lines as per requirement.
  • Saved 10x cost on conference phones with the pay as you go, model.

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VoIP solutions can be installed on existing switches or infrastructure, thus reducing the complexity of introducing new systems.

El Dorado Schools were able to implement VoIP design on their existing infrastructure and were thus able to maximize government funding to better students.


Finding affordable VoIP solution that could be installed on existing network switches for maximizing government funding.


The El Dorado Public Schools in Kansas consists of one high school, one alternative high school, one middle school, and four elementary schools.

These EL Dorado school branches were high tech supported as in one wireless device for each student in high school and middle school.

An affordable IP solution was being searched to support this high tech solution that could be used from administrative blocks.

Xorcom XR3000 (Elastix VoIP PBX Phone System for Enterprise) for central office and CXE2000 / XR2000 at the larger elementary school with Yealink IP phones.


  • El Dorado Public Schools, with the help of Xorcom, didn’t need to change their existing network switches.
  • No per use or per-device licensing fee on the existing network infrastructure for implementing solutions.


VoIP helps attend your global customers or be available for business where ever a user goes.

The only requirement that is needed for an internet connection.

APEX Career services were able to reach to its clients globally.


To attend global clients efficiently without any downtime.


APEX career services turned to VirtualPBX when they stared having extended downtimes and were not able to attend to their customers.

VirtualPBX helped APEX career services with modern features like audio conferencing with extended users and according to business needs.


  • With snap recording, they were able to provide pre-recorded messages to their clients without disturbing daily routine.
  • With Auto-attendant APEX career services remain ever ready for their customers.
  • With Audio conferencing feature APEX career services were able to implement a three-way conferencing.

Multi Connections

Compared to traditional communication platforms where users could attend only a single communication channel, VoIP has overcome it and provides multi-channel connectivity.

Nationwide Leader in Financial Services was able to simplify its communications through one ecosystem for enhanced business communications.


Nationwide Leaders in Financial Services were losing productivity as they were operating nine offices across the United States.

A single ecosystem was needed to connect each branch to improve productivity.


DOTVOX team helped in the deployment of following solutions that could help the company improve its productivity:

  • Cloud-hosted VoIP: Integrating multi-office communications into a single environment.
  • Feature Rich: Hoteling, mobility, hunt group, receptionist client, and call center were some of the features provided for better day-to-day operations.
  • 24*7 U.S. based support: To ensure the installed VoIP system of client is running at optimal performance.


  • Efficient working of business and employees.
  • Streamlined communication processes.

Efficient Communications

With most features like multi-call attendance, chat solution, and maximum reach through the internet, VoIP stands out for the best communication solution.

Caribbean Gas was able to improve their communication systems.


Being an under-construction plant, Caribbean Gas was experiencing difficulties in their communication for day to day basis.


3CX Platinum Partner ArkiTechs provided 64 SC License.

Phone systems provided by them worked efficiently with Caribbean gases 135 IP phones, 8 conference phones, 10 Flow SIP lines, and Patton VoIP gateways.

Being an open standard software solution, they could deploy phone systems according to Caribbean gases’ choices.


  • Improved reliability issues.
  • Increase in staff productivity.

Cons of VoIP

Wall Power Dependency

No power means No VoIP.

Current phones are supported by the power provided through central connections.

This means even if there is a power failure, the phone still works.

But the same is not the case for VoIP.

Absence of Emergency Calls

VoIP uses IP addressed phone numbers.

Emergency call service like 911 won’t work through this platform because of this.


If the speed of the internet is low, users might not be able to have a good experience with VoIP features.


Since it is dependent on the internet, it is prone to security threats like viruses and hacking.

System Dependent

Its efficiency is also dependent on the ability of the user system.

If a user experiences VoIP platform services on his softphone and by chance, he has to open a new window simultaneously.

The quality of VoIP services is now wholly dependent on how this softphone reacts to multiple tasks.

If the softphone is not efficient enough to handle multiple tasks, then VoIP services can be affected.

VoIP has surely started dominating the communication sector. With the current Covid-19 situation, it has proved to be a reliable platform for communications.

Businesses who have adopted VoIP as their primary source for communications have saved a lot on their phone bills and improved daily business operations because of its flexibility.

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