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Lead Generation Tips & Tools for Small Businesses

Lead generation is critically important to the life and future of any business. To grow, you need new

Lead generation is referred to as the process of identifying and nurturing customers/individuals for business services or products. The goal of a B2B lead generation program is to convert targeted audiences into a large volume of quality leads.

Here are some useful Lead Generation tips for Small Businesses:

  1. Establish your authority:

    One good way to implement this practice is to create content that is educational and contains your logo, which can be afterwards targeted to the required audience. Establish your brand in a way such that the market looks up to you for product insights and expertise.

  2. Target specific market segments:

    Nowadays, your message and substance must be highly relevant and exceptionally significant for the leads to notice. You need to target specific market fragments with various content strategies, as opposed to taking a one-measure fits-all methodology.

  3. Quality over quantity:

    You can have several blog entries, and yet it won’t make a difference if they aren’t fascinating or connecting enough for your audience. One valuable piece is worth 100 irrelevant ones, so maintain your emphasis on the quality of the content that draws your audience rather than a group of onlookers.

  4. Engage your leads:

    Focus on engaging with the prospective leads rather than increasing the size of your database. Higher the level of engagement more will be the number of leads generated. This is one of the essential lead generation strategies.

  5. Strategize your email marketing techniques:

    Email marketing is a significant lead generation technique. If you send bulk/blast emails to leads who still haven’t reached the final stage of the sales funnel, they will unsubscribe; plain and simple. Schedule no more than one or two emails per week to convert your leads.

  6. Personalize the emails:

    Try sending out personalized text emails or follow-ups to your prospects to make them feel exclusive. This technique will certainly help you with the conversion of leads.

  7. Go for multichannel marketing:

    Leads resemble snowflakes—no two are similar. What’s more important is that this applies to how they get their data. Some prefer social media, while others incline towards watching videos/live webinars or reading emails. Make sure to channel your content through various platforms to keep all your leads engaged.

List of best Lead Generation tools to get those sales roaring:

1. Email marketing tools: Constant Contact, VerticalResponse, ClickDotMailer, Mailchimp
2. Prospecting and Outreach tools: Hoovers, OutreachPlus, Lead Forensics
3. Advertising tools: Adwords, Adroll, AdEspresso
4. Marketing Automation tools: Pardot, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo
5. Social Media tools: Hootsuite, Social Clout, Social Booster

You can mix and match these tricks and tools and channel your content strategy to keep your leads engaged until they become sales-ready.

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