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GDPR: Why is your Inbox Flooded with all those Terms of Service & Privacy Policy update Emails?

The situation should sort out soon enough and everything shall come back to normal but for the fact that one can be rest assured, especially the EU residents that their data would no more be used without their permission, that includes collection, distribution and deletion. It’s definitely a good time

GDPR News: Why GDPR Law Doesn’t apply to European Commission

It comes as a shocking revelation for us after an embarrassing leak of personal data of hundreds of EU citizens by the European Commission (EU) itself.

Google Home v/s Amazon Echo? Which is Better?

Home is more likely to answer the randomly fired questions at it than Echo correctly, while Echo is a better option for retail search. Echo has a lower price, more customer base with Amazon Prime Subscribers while Home has an advantage with its accuracy...

BlockChain the biggest Disrupter for Supply Chain management

The best take away is Blockchain will drastically transform supply chain collaboration, reduce costs associated with various steps and increase visibility in the process to be reckoned as the disrupter in Logistic and Supply chain industry.

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