Oracle Management Cloud: Smarter Insight, Swifter Action

Oracle Management Cloud: Smarter Insight, Swifter Action

Power of cloud delivery to address issues arising in complex IT environments. Oracle has the solution with Oracle

A Unified Platform for Conventional and Cloud Environments

Contending with today’s diverse technology environments makes it difficult to optimize performance and plan for future growth. As organizations rely more heavily on cloud applications and infrastructure, they need management tools that offer the power of cloud delivery coupled with modern capabilities to address issues arising in complex IT environments. Oracle has the solution with Oracle Management Cloud.

Get what you want.

With Oracle Management Cloud, you can eliminate disparate silos across end-user and infrastructure data, troubleshoot problems quickly, and run IT like a business.

Oracle Management Cloud comprises a suite of integrated monitoring, management, and analytics cloud services that leverage machine learning and big data techniques.

  • Increase IT stability, prevent outages, and adapt to change while managing any technology, anywhere.
  • Enjoy minimal setup for intuitive dashboards—delivered from the cloud to help ensure quick time to value.
  • Gain insight from a unified platform that leverages machine learning and anomaly detection across the entire     operational dataset.

Data privacy and security is pivotal.

Oracle Management Cloud uses a powerful security model that ensures the security and integrity of your IT operational data in transit and once uploaded to Oracle Management Cloud. As part of the Oracle Cloud, Oracle Management Cloud is deployed on enterprise-grade infrastructure, fully managed by Oracle. Using a drag-and-drop interface in various Oracle Management Cloud services, you can answer such questions as “How much CPU will I need in the next three months?” and “Which of my application servers are underutilized?” Slice and dice the data for
your specific needs. Oracle Management Cloud runs on tablet and desktop, with a blazing fast analytics engine to get you results when you need them.

This comprehensive management environment increases IT stability, minimizes outages, and eliminates disruption during periods of growth and change. With Oracle Management Cloud, your applications will deliver consistent service levels, and your IT team will be able to identify potential problems before they impact the business.