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Many manufacturers have been using the same processes and tools to bring new products to market for the last 35 years—since the Stage-Gate® methodology came into existence. With the introduction of smart, connected products, companies need to mature their product portfolio management processes and innovation tools.

In the 6th Product Portfolio Management Benchmark Study, conducted by Tech-Clarity and sponsored by Planview, we analyzed the Top Performers and what steps they take to ensure they are creating new, differentiated products that align with their organization’s strategic objectives and delivering these products on time. This analysis provides a roadmap that can help other companies overcome challenges and achieve higher levels of innovation and product profitability.

To learn more about the best practices of Top Performers, download the Executive Brief now.


Are you really innovating? Or just faking it?

Every company wants to be a leader in innovation, but how can you tell if your company is really innovating or just going through the motions?

In this whitepaper, Carrie Nauyalis, Executive in Residence at Planview, gives you the 5 tell-tale signs to determine if your organization has a real culture of innovation or if you’re just faking it!


How to build relationships with your customers to find out what they care about.

From launching new products to building out marketing campaigns, savvy businesses build plans around concrete customer insights.

At their core, customer insights meld market research with shopper behavior and customer sentiment around your brand, offering a lens into what makes the buyer react a certain way, what motivates them, and what aspects of your brand or products are resonating in the market.

In the following pages, you’ll find strategies on how to:

  • Forge direct relationships with your customers to learn what they care about
  • Leverage reviews and other online content to mine customer sentiment about your brand and products
  • Identify new business opportunities, change perceptions, and foster brand advocacy


How the best brands go to market.

Building a great product is just one part of your process, and now it’s time to launch! In this e-book we breakdown all the steps of the process (pre-, day-of, and post-launch) and also share insights including:

  • 3 steps to position your product and stand out from the competition
  • What you need to know to make day-one of your product launch successful
  • Post-launch tips for maximizing your returns